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Microsoft publishes Internet Explorer update

The latest Internet Explorer problems began last week, and Microsoft has confirmed that a fault in previous versions of Internet Explorer 10, could compromise the safety of users. Since then, the company has worked to solve the problem.
Initially, the company offered an interim solution to the incident. Although the company claimed that a very small number of users were affected, various experts and authorities considered the solution insufficient and recommended against the use of Internet Explorer until a better solution is provided.
This time, Microsoft has released an update that fixes the zero-day vulnerability that has created so many problems with the browser. With this, Internet Explorer claims to already be safe and protected against known threats.

Facebook suspends facial recognition in Europe

Facebook has agreed to suspend its facial recognition tool in the European Union and delete data collected on the profiles of its users, the network announced on Friday.
The Irish commissioner in charge of data protection, Billy Hawkes, said for his part that the data on “existing users would be cleared by October 15,” while the tool had already been suspended for new users. Mr. Hawkes said he was “particularly encouraged” by the decision to Facebook to go beyond the initial recommendations of the authorities.
Facial recognition in Facebook analyzes old photos that were tagged to suggest the names of the people who appear in newly uploaded pictures. Since its launch in 2011, European organizations have been complaining because of the possible breach in privacy and data protection.

Small changes in new Twitter

Twitter is attempting to make it easier to personalize user pages and has undergone a little makeover. Some users can already make use of some new features.

According to Twitter’s official blog, users can now save a header graphic on their profile. The result is reminiscent of Facebook’s “Timeline” design. In order to display an image, you need to upload one in “Settings/Design” a “head graphic” and save.

Other enhancements include the addition of the optional background image. There are other features present in Twitter for iPhone, iPad and Android. To enable these, users should update the said app in these devices.

Celebrity name search results lead to virus-laden sites

Anyone googling the names of prominent superstars run the risk of catching a virus, according to IT security company McAfee.

Every year, the company publishes a list of the most popular celebrity name searches that may lead to websites with viruses. This year, in the first place is Harry Potter star Emma Watson. 12.6% of pages from search results are loaded with viruses. Watson is followed by Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez and Halle Berry.

To prevent virus attacks, McAfee advises users to always check the URL for typos, and to be careful with free downloads in general.

HTML5 Builder makes app development easier

Embarcadero Technologies announced the release of HTML5 Builder, a new mobile application development tool for different platforms.

The basic HTML5 Builder is a complete, integrated environment (IDE) used to visually design web and mobile applications. The fastest way to create a mobile application is by using standard web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, which is supported by the operating systems and platforms. These web-technology is ideal for the rapid creation of virtually any application, including the most complex and critical systems.

HTML5 Builder allows users to create a traditional web or mobile application based on a single source using standard web-based technologies, and then run them on various mobile platforms (web, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone). This is more efficient, and drastically reduces development time.

With the HTML5 Builder, developers can create beautiful visual application using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. HTML5 Builder will also make your applications more ergonomic with the more efficient jQuery style user interface, visual animation, CSS3, and components-such as Canvas, Geolocation, and Audio/Video.

Windows users advised to disable Java

A critical vulnerability in Java 7 for Windows can let attackers inject malicious codes via crafted websites on the computer.

A recent security hole in all Java 7 versions or the Java Runtime Environment 1.7x were affected. The so-called zero-day exploit is already in active use. When accessing some websites, attackers can install malicious code which run executable applications on third-party computers.

Experts advise users to disable the Java plugin in their browsers immediately.

The exploit can be utilized with all browsers. Also, the Java plug-in in Google’s Chrome browser is also affected, contrary to initial reports. A patch from Oracle is still pending, a next official update is set for the 16th of October.

Older versions of Java are not affected by the vulnerability, reported Deepend Research. However, experts suggest against downgrading, since Java 6 has still many open vulnerabilities.

Canon expands recall of EOS 650D

Canon recalls a total of 68,000 units of the new EOS 650D camera, also known in the US as Rebel t4i, after finding out that a faulty batch of grips produce a substance that can lead to allergy.

The company originally said that only cameras whose sixth digit of the serial number is 1 are affected. However, right now, those whose second digit are either 3 or 4 are also being recalled.

The faulty rubber compound used for the camera grip can turn white and cause allergic skin reactions.

Canon announced that the cameras will be repaired immediately.

Anti-Obama documentary is a hit at the box office

A few months before the U.S. presidential election, an anti-Obama documentary went up into the top ten in the U.S. box office. The movie “2016: Obama’s America” has been showing since last weekend in theaters nationwide.

The documentary already earned $6.2 million and has reached number 8 in the rankings. “2016: Obama’s America” is a harsh conservative criticism of the policies of U.S. President Barack Obama, who is currently fighting for his re-election.

The film showed an image of what the U.S. will look like in four years if Obama remains in power. It was based on the book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza.

It was a solid performance for a political documentary, but still far behind Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”, which earned $ 119.1 million in the U.S. alone.

Kickstarter hides failed projects

Crowdfunding service Kickstarter reportedly hides unsuccessful projects from search engine sites. Meanwhile, there are sites which make these accessible again in order for new users to learn from others’ mistakes.

Technology journalist Dan Misener discovered in May that under-funded projects can still be found on the internal search on Kickstarter. However, they no longer appear in search engines. Critics of the crowdfunding site argued that the company tries to portray itself in a positive light for new users.

Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler said they only wanted to avoid a situation in which the names of failed project owners will be prominently shown in Google. They are trying to protect their users, so to speak.

To date, there have been many success stories made possible by Kickstarter, but there are no exact figures to document this. Blogger Jeanne Pi but wanted to know more. An investigation revealed that only about half of the projects posted receive the required funds. The other half quickly disappears from the page. However, Pi’s analysis is criticized, and there remains to be unclear data on how many Kickstarter projects really end up successful.

Plants vs Zombies sequel coming in 2013

In a press release by PopCap, it was announced that the sequel to Plants vs Zombies “will include several new features, settings and situations.” No further details were released, except that the game will be available in the spring of 2013.

The original game featured hordes of zombies attack a home defended by plants. It proved to be a great success when it was released in May 2009,  selling over 300,000 copies in just 9 days, setting the record on the App Store.

The success of Plants vs. Zombies has also attracted the attention of Electronic Arts, which in June 2011 acquired PopCap for a billion dollars. The latest version of Plants vs. Zombies is the one for PS Vita, released this February.

In Plants vs Zombies players must use a variety of plants with different characteristics and defensive skills to counter the advancing zombies, whose objective is to devour the brains of the residents.

Barrack Obama surpasses Justin Bieber’s Klout influence

Until recently, Justin Bieber was more influential than Barack Obama – at least in the world of Klout, the controversial web tool that aims to measure the influence of people online.

On Tuesday, Klout revamped its site and rearranged their algorithms, mainly picking up data entries in Wikipedia, to better reflect the status of a person in the real world.

The movement towards the calculation of the influence off-line is a tricky step, but expected for a company that generates and divides opinion like almost no other in Silicon Valley.

Since 2008, the company marked social media users with a single number between 1 and 100 in order to measure their influence. The Klout score, as is known, is now based on 400 variables, including how many Twitter followers someone has, and how often or how likely your messages on Twitter or Facebook will be circulated.

Besides changing the algorithm, the chief executive, Joe Fernandez said the Klout now also analyzes LinkedIn profiles, so that a user who describes himself as vice president of a company can enhance their Klout score.

The overhaul, which began in January, was part of the company’s effort to address the critics who pointed Bieber as an example showing that his online influence, at best, is irrelevant. The teen pop singer, with his army of 26 million followers on Twitter, had a Klout score that surpassed that of the U.S. president.

As a result of the new algorithm – which takes into account the number of references in a Wikipedia page about the person, the scores of Obama finally surpassed that of Bieber, four years after the release of Klout.