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The adventures of Canon 1100D


Your first DSLR is an incredibly important choice. I’ve personally experienced the qualities of Canon 1100D. It is the new entry level model in Canon’s extensive range of digital SLR cameras, replacing the 3 year old 1000D model. Wide area 9 Point AF system makes this more value able. 12.2 megapixel CMOS, Amazing HD movies, Powerful DIGIC processing and 3 frames per second.

Despite its budget price-tag, the Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 is a responsive and intuitive DSLR that offers many of the key features of its bigger and more expensive sibling, the 600D / T3i, in a smaller and lighter body.

I have been using 1100D since 2 years and i found it diffrent from others. Its easy to carry because of its firm grip.  I like taking pictures just for the sake of sharing and keeping those memories with me.

One thing which i liked he most is the maximum light sensitivity which controls the light and makes the image more sharper and more focused. I have saw many peoples using Nikon D3100 and comparing it with Canon 1100D but i would personally prefer 1100d just because of its amazing features.

So this camera has been claimed to be the best starter SLR for those who are venturing into photography, and I can see why. Despite it looking a little “beasty”, it’s quite easy to use and the settings of this camera are easy to get used to.

Canon has a strong position in all price sectors and has long enjoyed strong success at the budget end, where it has a long history of making easy to use, well-specified, value for money DSLRs. Besides, if anything I learned that it’s not about the camera but having an ‘eye’ for photography. Photography is my passion because yes we don’t simply take photographs but we make it!

Smart-Watch! What else will become Smart?

With the increasing trend of smartphones, Sony has released devices called “smart watches.” They are named so as they take on some of the functions of a smartphone. All useful functions; particularly. These devices will soon be joined by many others — including, Pebble’s Smart Watches and if the rumors are true, Apple’s much buzzed-about iWatch.

smartwatch-product-image-300x348Smart watches are android compatible watches that keep you discreetly updated with both hands free! They have touch screens. You can have your SmartWatch packed with useful and fun apps. There are lots of SmartWatch apps at Google Play Store. They’re designed mainly to allow users to interact with or view information from their phones. Instead of having their own connection to the Internet, they connect to users’ smartphones via Bluetooth.

They also allow users to control apps on their phones. Users can answer calls and start playing their music or fast-forward to the next song by tapping buttons on their smart watch. Smart watches display notifications, enable you to receive text and email messages, showing the caller ID for incoming calls and alerting users to new Facebook or Twitter posts.

Along with working with apps and sensors on the phone, they can allow users to keep track of their workouts, showing the distance run or time elapsed.

Utilizing Social Media for Business with Help from Experts




Small business owners often have a hard time establishing their company’s name in the internet marketplace due to the competition. If you are experiencing the same thing you may want to look for effective ways to market your products or services and target the appropriate audiences, and one of these is by using social media to promote your business.


Social media has had a significant impact in the lives of consumers, allowing them to build relationships among friends and family regardless of their locations. As a business owner, using social media for business is just about the same. You must be able to establish a connection between you and your target market in such a way that they become open to your promotions and would be willing to try out your products.


Achieving this, however, is another matter. If you are new to the internet market place you may want to get as much assistance as possible, and this is when a social media expert plays a big role. An expert in social media marketing will be able to provide you with his or her services to help you target your intended market as effectively as possible.


For a small business social media marketing is as important as the usual means of advertising and marketing, perhaps even more so. This is why you have to make sure that the social media expert you plan on working with is equipped with sufficient skills to utilize various techniques that potential customers will be receptive to.

Facebook suspends facial recognition in Europe

Facebook has agreed to suspend its facial recognition tool in the European Union and delete data collected on the profiles of its users, the network announced on Friday.
The Irish commissioner in charge of data protection, Billy Hawkes, said for his part that the data on “existing users would be cleared by October 15,” while the tool had already been suspended for new users. Mr. Hawkes said he was “particularly encouraged” by the decision to Facebook to go beyond the initial recommendations of the authorities.
Facial recognition in Facebook analyzes old photos that were tagged to suggest the names of the people who appear in newly uploaded pictures. Since its launch in 2011, European organizations have been complaining because of the possible breach in privacy and data protection.

Promote a brand when sending documents

If you regularly send correspondence to clients, employees or other key stakeholders – whether in hard copy or electronically – it’s important you take every opportunity to promote your brand and organisation. Let’s take a look at some examples depending on the medium you use to distribute information.


Post is perhaps the most obvious method of delivering documents, with businesses having used the Royal Mail to send important information around the country and across the world for many years.

With services like special delivery and recorded mail, the Royal Mail is a reliable means to ensure your target audience receive the information you send, and what’s more, there are also some very quick and simple ways in which you can promote your brand.  For instance, you could use branded letterhead and envelopes.

Royal Mail offers numerous services suitable for direct mail, depending on the dimensions and weight of your items you want to post. You may want to include a promotional gift in the direct mail campaign, to improve response rate. According to figures from the British Promotional Products Association, 87 per cent of people keep promotional gifts for more than 12 months, which should help to create a lasting reminder of your direct mail campaign in recipients’ minds.


One of the most convenient forms of correspondence is email. Almost everyone uses email, whether it’s for legal correspondence or something as simple as a shopping list! And if you need a quick response, email is the ideal way to get one.

The benefit of sending emails compared with posting documents is an obvious one – the cost. You have to pay for stamps and the costs can escalate depending on the dimensions and weight of your parcel.

Sending a parcel in the UK first class can typically cost over £2 for packets that weigh up to 750g. The cost increases if you want to send bigger packages or require special delivery. And should you want to post internationally, you can expect prices to rise depending on the destination. Alternatively, sending an email – no matter where you are sending it to – is absolutely free (after you have paid for your internet connection and email service, of course).

One downside to email is security. Because email is transmitted via the Internet, make sure your electronic files are secure before you send them, particularly if you are delivering the files via Wi-Fi. You don’t want to risk potential data leaks over unprotected connections.

Another potential downside of email compared to physical mail is that there are potentially fewer opportunities to promote your brand in a string of emails. Clearly, you can’t include promotional gifts in an email!

USB sticks

Another way to distribute information and files to customers, employees and other key stakeholders while also promoting your brand is to hand out promotional memory sticks at public events such as a trade show or exhibition. Upload the USBs with information about your company, such as product catalogues, price lists and contact details so that customers can find out more details about your company at a later date.

Do you use direct mail campaigns to attract and retain customers? Do you include promotional merchandise in the mailings? What products have generated a good response? Leave a comment below!

Small changes in new Twitter

Twitter is attempting to make it easier to personalize user pages and has undergone a little makeover. Some users can already make use of some new features.

According to Twitter’s official blog, users can now save a header graphic on their profile. The result is reminiscent of Facebook’s “Timeline” design. In order to display an image, you need to upload one in “Settings/Design” a “head graphic” and save.

Other enhancements include the addition of the optional background image. There are other features present in Twitter for iPhone, iPad and Android. To enable these, users should update the said app in these devices.

Celebrity name search results lead to virus-laden sites

Anyone googling the names of prominent superstars run the risk of catching a virus, according to IT security company McAfee.

Every year, the company publishes a list of the most popular celebrity name searches that may lead to websites with viruses. This year, in the first place is Harry Potter star Emma Watson. 12.6% of pages from search results are loaded with viruses. Watson is followed by Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez and Halle Berry.

To prevent virus attacks, McAfee advises users to always check the URL for typos, and to be careful with free downloads in general.

6 Tips to making your online business successful

When you tell others that you are running a successful online business, the immediate reaction is that they feel it is something easy to pull off and can be done by anyone and everyone. But that is the farthest thing from the truth and success on the online platform is far from easy.

In fact, the past couple of years have showcased that it is a lot more difficult than most other lines of work. Yet, it is definitely possible and making your online business profitable is achievable if you have what it takes. Here are 6 tips, that will help you further in achieving success in the web world.

Chose the right Ecommerce Platform:
Picking the right platform for your business is the first and most important step forward. If you get this wrong, then it is next to impossible in achieving success no matter what you do from here on. Determine if you need your own website, or happy using the services of another popular platform in a smart fashion.

It is the online experience that counts:
No matter what your niche is and what your product is, inevitably what the consumer is looking for is a comfortable and safe online experience. Create exactly that with a site that promises safe transactions and seamless user experience. This will put your product or services in good light.

Understand the trends:
Do not worry too much if you are not getting too much traffic currently. Instead look for consistent trends and growth and a loyal set of audience. A small percentage growth each fixed period of time is better than rare spikes here and there.

Social Media Effect:
Social media like Twitter and Facebook can indeed have a huge impact on your online business and simple presence on these platforms can offer you a sense of credibility as well. It allows you to connect with a broader base of audience in a far more ‘personal’ fashion.

Passion, Planning and Patience:
Do not expect immediate results. Growth in online business takes its own time and effort. Having the passion for what you do and planning it well ahead help you keep motivated and on the button.

Anti-Obama documentary is a hit at the box office

A few months before the U.S. presidential election, an anti-Obama documentary went up into the top ten in the U.S. box office. The movie “2016: Obama’s America” has been showing since last weekend in theaters nationwide.

The documentary already earned $6.2 million and has reached number 8 in the rankings. “2016: Obama’s America” is a harsh conservative criticism of the policies of U.S. President Barack Obama, who is currently fighting for his re-election.

The film showed an image of what the U.S. will look like in four years if Obama remains in power. It was based on the book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza.

It was a solid performance for a political documentary, but still far behind Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11”, which earned $ 119.1 million in the U.S. alone.

Kickstarter hides failed projects

Crowdfunding service Kickstarter reportedly hides unsuccessful projects from search engine sites. Meanwhile, there are sites which make these accessible again in order for new users to learn from others’ mistakes.

Technology journalist Dan Misener discovered in May that under-funded projects can still be found on the internal search on Kickstarter. However, they no longer appear in search engines. Critics of the crowdfunding site argued that the company tries to portray itself in a positive light for new users.

Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler said they only wanted to avoid a situation in which the names of failed project owners will be prominently shown in Google. They are trying to protect their users, so to speak.

To date, there have been many success stories made possible by Kickstarter, but there are no exact figures to document this. Blogger Jeanne Pi but wanted to know more. An investigation revealed that only about half of the projects posted receive the required funds. The other half quickly disappears from the page. However, Pi’s analysis is criticized, and there remains to be unclear data on how many Kickstarter projects really end up successful.

Plants vs Zombies sequel coming in 2013

In a press release by PopCap, it was announced that the sequel to Plants vs Zombies “will include several new features, settings and situations.” No further details were released, except that the game will be available in the spring of 2013.

The original game featured hordes of zombies attack a home defended by plants. It proved to be a great success when it was released in May 2009,  selling over 300,000 copies in just 9 days, setting the record on the App Store.

The success of Plants vs. Zombies has also attracted the attention of Electronic Arts, which in June 2011 acquired PopCap for a billion dollars. The latest version of Plants vs. Zombies is the one for PS Vita, released this February.

In Plants vs Zombies players must use a variety of plants with different characteristics and defensive skills to counter the advancing zombies, whose objective is to devour the brains of the residents.