An App to Detect Landmines

A team of Polish students have developed an application for smartphones that can be used to detect landmines. Saper, which stands for Sensor Amplified Perception For Explosives Recognition, was developed by students of the Military Technological University of Warsaw. It uses the magnetometer, an internal compass in the smartphone, to detect variations in the magnetic field around an area with mines.

The smartphone is calibrated in a particular environment and held about a foot above the ground. If mines are detected, it gives a warning. But the app does more than that: a warning to the program compares the magnetic drawing to a database on the Internet. Using GPS, the detected area is recored in a database, and if necessary, even shared through social networks.

Saper is one of the finalists in the annual Imagine game from Microsoft. The theme this year was a challenge to invent a technological solution to major global issues such those concerning health and environmental protection. The program currently only works on Windows phones, but the students hope it will soon be available for other platforms.

Facebook Unveils Own App Store

Facebook follows the footsteps of Apple and Google as it launched its own app store called App Center, starting with 600 apps. This is the latest effort by the company to boost its mobile business.

The Facebook app store is already operational. The social network has explained that the project started with 600 applications and that the service is available for both desktop and mobile devices equipped with iOS and Android operating systems.


The App Center, which was announced last May, is used not only to inform the user of new apps, but also to encourage developers to sell their own applications. Zynga Games, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are among the first applications available.

“All applications will store images and a detailed description on them so that the user has all the necessary information before installation,” said Matt Wyndowe, Head of Facebook Applications and Games.

Users of this new platform can find their favorite applications through several sections: by contacts (for applications from your friends), by category (in the best qualified, best-selling or trends), or personal recommendations (recommended applications). Once the user selects an application, he will be sent to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Sony Introduces New Xperia

Sony has announced two new smartphones to be release late this year – the Xperia Miro and Xperia Tipo. Both models run on Android 4.0.

Xperia Miro has a deep Facebook integration into the contacts and gallery. It also allows easy sharing of music and photos. On the other hand, Xperia Tipo is intended as an entry model for first time smartphone users. Both units feature a 800 MHz processor on board.

The Miro has a 3.5 inch touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and video recording at 30fps. There is also a camera in front for video chats. The 4GB internal memory can be expanded via SD cards. The device is available in black, black/pink, white and white/gold.

The Tipo has a 3.2 inch touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera and a special manual setting. This device has an SD card slot to expand the internal memory of 2.9GB. The device is available in red, white, blue and black.

Wifi Antenna Problem on HTC One X

HTC appears to have its own antenna gate problem. Several owners of HTC’s flagship phone – One X – complain about problems connecting to WiFi networks and an annoying delay when playing games.

In the XDA Developer forum, various online reports of the problems were said to be caused by an error during the manufacturing of the quad-core device. Owners of One X, according to a participant in the XDA forum, verified that their WiFi connection suffers when fingers are pressed between the camera lens and volume buttons. If the signal gets stronger during pressing, according to XDA user “bigoliver,” there is a manufacturing defect.

He advises victims to return their phones to the manufacturers. For people who can no longer have the device replaces, he suggested using duct tape and a soldering iron to fix the device. Sounds simple, but it really isn’t.

HTC has been made aware of the problems. An employee of HTC has announced that they are already working on the problem.

Play Gameboy Games in your Computer

Save princesses, fight mad scientists, and stop winding blocks stacked one above the other. The portable game console from Nintendo, Game Boy, was in the the favorite pastime of many children in the 90s. The game titles are still known today, including classics such as Donkey Kong, Tetris, Super Mario and Zelda. Many heroes are still active, with some appearing in new games.

But the real feeling of yesteryear comes to graphics and bitmaps with the typical sound. If you want to play Mario and Donkey Kong again, there are websites like that offer free Gameboy emulators that runs completely in the browser. This particular website has around 80 games to choose from.
Users need not install any software since the games run with JavaScript and HTML5. Every modern browser is enough, even if the sound output stutters every now and then. Games are controlled using the keyboard, though you can get a gamepad for a real console-playing feel.

Apple unveils new MacBook Pro

The end of the first evening of the WWDC developer conference was a well-rehearsed ritual: Just before the Apple CEO took the stage, countless developers pushed into the Moscone Center in San Francisco and exchanged views on the latest rumors. Meanwhile, the Apple Store on the Internet was taken offline in order to make room for the products that Apple CEO Tim Cook presented on stage. The Apple fans at home had to be content with live blogs, because Apple did not provide a live stream for the folks back at home.

Big surprises followed then as Apple presented a completely refurbished notebook series, the new mobile operating system (iOS 6), a new version of the desktop operating system (Mac OS X, also known as Mountain Lion), among others. However, those who expected news about Apple’s long-awaited entry into the television business were disappointed.

The new MacBook Pro is “the most beautiful computer we’ve ever done” according to Apple Manager Phil Schiller. With less than two inches thick, the device has a completely new interior with new Intel processors, and twice as fast solid-state hard drive. The highlight, however, is the retina display with a resolution of 2880×1800. That’s more than five million pixel pushing on the screen!

Such performance and design at Apple in particular have a price: The basic version of the MacBook Pro will cost €2279 in Germany.

The new hardware also gets new software. Mountain Lion is scheduled to be released this month.

Kaspersky Warns Against Suspicious Streaming of Euro 2012

The football championship is already in full swing, but not everyone can watch the matches on TV in their own homes. Some people have to stay in the office, others sit in the garden with no TV connection.



This does not stop anyone from enjoying Euro 2012. This is possible, for example, through the internet and the live video stream of public broadcasters. ARD and ZDF broadcast the major sports event on the Internet for free! This allows German football fans to follow the games regardless of location. Both TV stations make their offer via smartphone apps, but only at low resolution.


Zattoo has also established a live stream on the net. The only requirement is the application via e-mail for licensing reasons, and the use is only possible with the WLAN. The Swiss free TV service are available for iOS and Android. However, all video streams have a technically-related delay as compared with the conventional TV broadcasting.


The security experts at Kaspersky Labs warned against resorting to unauthorized services, or searching for “alternative” streams. Cyber​​-criminals would often send links in Facebook or Twitter which direct to websites than can infect the users device with dangerous malware. Football fans should be cautious of these dubious streaming services, and trust only official live streams.

Buffalo’s Waterproof Case for the iPhone

Buffalo will release in mid-June the “BSMPA09BK” high-powered charger, and the waterproof iPhone Case “BSIP11PCWP series” with the performance the equivalent of IPX8.

The “BSIP11PCWP series” waterproof case for the iPhone can be used up to 5m deep in the water for about 30 minutes. With this case, the iPhone can be used at the pool or in the sea. It has a 437mm neck strap, so it can comfortably hang from the neck with no worry that the iPhone will be lost when both hands are being used.


The case is compatible with the models iPhone 4 and 4S, with the size of 146.8mm height x 77.2mm depth x 11.5mm width, and it weighs about 24g. It is available in colors black and white. Buffalo Direct prices it at 3980yen.

Customers Willing to Pay for Online Stream of HBO’s Game of Thrones

The U.S. cable channel Home Box Office (HBO) is famous for its costly production and critically acclaimed television series. It is also notorious for being reluctant to sell their series over the Internet. Now, fans of these films – particularly Game of Thrones – have launched a campaign to change that.
“Take My Money, HBO” is a website that tells HBO that customers would like to give them money in order to watch their films.The fact is that HBO’s series are the frequently illegaly distributed, including in the Internet. Because of their popularity and that it often takes several months before official DVDs are sold, illegal recordings of the broadcasts are exchanged. A current example is the series Game of Thrones, which is currently the most pirated TV show with up to 2.5 million downloads everyday.

It is stated on the petition site: “We pirate Game of Thrones, we use our friend’s HBOGO login to watch True Blood HBO… Please, offer a standalone streaming service HBOGO and Take My Money!”HBOGO is the streaming service of HBO. For the past two years, it offers the chance to stream films, but only for customers who also have a regular subscription of the cable system, which costs roughly $70-120 per month.

Can you run the new Google Maps in any device?

There are new features – including 3D views – in Google Maps, but many users are now wondering whether this will be supported by all devices.

On Wednesday, Google announced that the new version of Google Maps will be available offline for smartphones. This is in order to avoid the high fees, especially when the user relies on data browsing while abroad. And you won’t have to open any mobile websites to download your map beforehand so that you can use it at a later time when you need it.

In what devices this will this be possible, however, is still unclear. Now, the website Engadget says that smartphones can download the Android Version 2.2 (“Froyo”) to access the offline maps. This was confirmed by Google. Whether this will be possible with other operating systems like Apple’s iOS is not yet known.

Also unclear is what software and hardware equipment of a smartphone is required to use the new 3D views in the mobile version of Google Earth.

Patent Dispute: Apple takes on Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Apple attacks Samsung in a patent dispute concerning at least two functions in Galaxy S3.

Apple and Samsung are giving everything in their patent battle. Now, the iPhone maker sets its sights on the Galaxy S3, the new top product of the South Korean company. Shortly before the planned U.S. launch of the Galaxy S3, Apple sought an injunction against the Samsung device in California.

Apple argued that the Galaxy S3 contains functions from the previous model, Galaxy Nexus, which they already contended to be theirs. Specifically, Apple says that two patents were allegedly violated. One of these is unified search, and the other is data tapping – a function wherein the device detects data such as telephone numbers, and provides the user with appropriate options such as call.