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Wifi Antenna Problem on HTC One X

HTC appears to have its own antenna gate problem. Several owners of HTC’s flagship phone – One X – complain about problems connecting to WiFi networks and an annoying delay when playing games.

In the XDA Developer forum, various online reports of the problems were said to be caused by an error during the manufacturing of the quad-core device. Owners of One X, according to a participant in the XDA forum, verified that their WiFi connection suffers when fingers are pressed between the camera lens and volume buttons. If the signal gets stronger during pressing, according to XDA user “bigoliver,” there is a manufacturing defect.

He advises victims to return their phones to the manufacturers. For people who can no longer have the device replaces, he suggested using duct tape and a soldering iron to fix the device. Sounds simple, but it really isn’t.

HTC has been made aware of the problems. An employee of HTC has announced that they are already working on the problem.