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Will Apple Succeed Yet Another Time?

iWatch graphic

After iPad, iPhone, iPod and all those forever-loved pieces of technology, Apple has again traumatized the gadget market with the upcoming sensational iWatch. Telling time will become considerably smarter with this premium iWatch. For now, Apple has only leaked out some videos and features of this iWatch. This innovative iWatch will not be just any other typical and ordinary wrist watch, but more like a wearable minicomputer installed with an entire OS system.

Well, it is not the first wrist device that we are hearing or writing about; other electronic companies have also been experimenting in this field. We have already seen some very precise and advanced e-watches; among them are the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and also Sony’s SmartWatch. What we all are waiting for is a complete innovation from Apple’s side.

Apple opted for a modern approach to this iWatch to match the caliber of their previous products like iMac and iPhone. iWatch is not even a fetus at this moment, what they have released is a prototype. Their team of designers, inventors and engineers, headed by Sir Jony Ive, has sat down in closed doors and open mind to come up with something no one has ever produced. We do not have much specs for the iWatch to share right now, but what has been told is that the screen will be somewhere between 1.5-1.8 inches. Another supreme feature of this forthcoming is that it will support all sorts of Bluetooth devices – share anything you want via your wrist watch! Simply WOW!

Let’s wait for some high-quality thingy and hope that Apple will preserve its competence.

Multi-functional Smart Cover coming soon?

Apple has applied for a patent in which the Smart Cover for the iPad is a flexible and bendable display. The cover would thus be an extension of the work surface.

In the drawings, you can see how the new shell is used along with the iPad similar to how pen tablets work. This is different, however, in that the surface you draw on is also a screen. The cover can also be used as a keyboard or an additional control for music and movies.

Other manufacturers, such as Microsoft, have also been working on the functional ability of tablet cases. Thus, the shell of the Microsoft Surface tablets are also used as a keyboard.

The patent application indicates that Apple is obviously hard on a multi-functional Smart Cover. Although it is not sure whether the company will actually create the product for the market.

iPhone 5 already in production

The blog Appleinsider says that the next-generation iPhone will already be in production. There are rumors that the back of the smartphone will not consist entirely of aluminum, like the current iPad.

Japanese Apple Magazine “MacOtakara” says that the iPhone 5 will be partially made of glass. In the future, Apple may be a mixture of different materials.

The early production would indicate an impending launch of the smart phones. Experts predict the date to be this coming autumn.

According to Reuters, it is even possible to already preorder the iPhone 5 in china. Local parties should refrain from doing so, however, since such offers would be frivolous.

Rumors spreading on iPad Mini

Various sources have been adding to the rumors of an iPad Mini to be released in the coming months. The tablet is rumored to be less than 8 inches, and potentially with a retina display.

The rumor of having an iPad Mini began since the release of the first iPad. Now, it seems several sources support this view. According to MarketWatch, component suppliers for Apple would be in battle for a full production of a tablet smaller than the iPad for September. They also cited two unnamed sources, saying that the next Apple device will be equipped with a screen that is less than 8 inches (the old model is 9.7 inches).

Bloomberg, who relies on another source, added that there could be a Retina display, capable of displaying very high resolutions like in the recently released MacBook Pro model.

US Court prohibits sale of Galaxy Nexus

In the dispute over patents for tablet computers and smartphones, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung has suffered another defeat. A U.S. district court with an injunction forbid the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus in the United States. In support led to the judge, Samsung probably have copied parts of Apple’s voice control system, Siri. Siri is a new feature of the iPhone 4S, which allows the phone to be controlled almost entirely by voice.

Currently, there is an imposed ban on the sale of the smartphone in the United States. The same court on Tuesday had an injunction prohibiting the sale of the Tablet PC Galaxy Tab 10.1. It took the decision, “Notes that Samsung has changed its design of its products to look more like those of Apple.” Apple had already filed an action against Samsung in Germany and accused the group to have copied with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the iPad. Samsung, meanwhile, brought out a specially modified version of the tablet for the German market.

Apple I sold for $374,000

An “Apple I” from 1976 on Friday was sold to an incredible $374,000 at Sotheby’s auction house in New York.

The device from Apple’s first series – once sold for only $666.66 – was bought 560 times its original value. At the end of 2010, a structurally identical “Apple I” at another auction house was sold for only 133,000 pounds (about $200,000).

In the auction on Friday, the computer surprised the auctioneers after the expected earnings increased by more than two-fold. Two bidders rocked each other up. The unit was ultimately sold to an anonymous telephone bidder.

Apple unveils new MacBook Pro

The end of the first evening of the WWDC developer conference was a well-rehearsed ritual: Just before the Apple CEO took the stage, countless developers pushed into the Moscone Center in San Francisco and exchanged views on the latest rumors. Meanwhile, the Apple Store on the Internet was taken offline in order to make room for the products that Apple CEO Tim Cook presented on stage. The Apple fans at home had to be content with live blogs, because Apple did not provide a live stream for the folks back at home.

Big surprises followed then as Apple presented a completely refurbished notebook series, the new mobile operating system (iOS 6), a new version of the desktop operating system (Mac OS X, also known as Mountain Lion), among others. However, those who expected news about Apple’s long-awaited entry into the television business were disappointed.

The new MacBook Pro is “the most beautiful computer we’ve ever done” according to Apple Manager Phil Schiller. With less than two inches thick, the device has a completely new interior with new Intel processors, and twice as fast solid-state hard drive. The highlight, however, is the retina display with a resolution of 2880×1800. That’s more than five million pixel pushing on the screen!

Such performance and design at Apple in particular have a price: The basic version of the MacBook Pro will cost €2279 in Germany.

The new hardware also gets new software. Mountain Lion is scheduled to be released this month.

Patent Dispute: Apple takes on Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Apple attacks Samsung in a patent dispute concerning at least two functions in Galaxy S3.

Apple and Samsung are giving everything in their patent battle. Now, the iPhone maker sets its sights on the Galaxy S3, the new top product of the South Korean company. Shortly before the planned U.S. launch of the Galaxy S3, Apple sought an injunction against the Samsung device in California.

Apple argued that the Galaxy S3 contains functions from the previous model, Galaxy Nexus, which they already contended to be theirs. Specifically, Apple says that two patents were allegedly violated. One of these is unified search, and the other is data tapping – a function wherein the device detects data such as telephone numbers, and provides the user with appropriate options such as call.