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Assaulted teen mentions perpetrators in Twitter

A 17-year old girl from Kentucky in the United States must appear in court after mentioning on Twitter the names of two boys who had assaulted her. The girl says she did so because she disagrees with the punishment imposed upon the boys.

Savannah Dietrich from Louisville was assaulted last August by boys at a party after she had lost consciousness. Later she found out that the boys had taken pictures of her, and had shown them to others.

The offenders have been put in an IOU in exchange for reduced sentences. The court must still pronounce the verdict, but Dietrich was informed of the agreement of the perpetrators with the prosecutor. She, however, says that the punishment does not seem enough.

The lawyers of the boys believe that her posts on Twitter violate the gag order that is connected to the criminal law for minors. The offense is up to 180 days in jail or a $500 fine. They must appear in court July 30. Dietrich said that she wanted a public hearing, but the lawyers of the boys wanted it to be done behind closed doors.

Dietrich says she would rather go to jail than to curtail her right to free speech. “They say I’m not allowed to talk,” she wrote on Twitter. “In Louisville, protection for rapists is more important than justice for the victim.”

Several experts in the field of free expression have now rallied behind her, but lawyers say the gag order should be challenged in court.