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Microsoft publishes Internet Explorer update

The latest Internet Explorer problems began last week, and Microsoft has confirmed that a fault in previous versions of Internet Explorer 10, could compromise the safety of users. Since then, the company has worked to solve the problem.
Initially, the company offered an interim solution to the incident. Although the company claimed that a very small number of users were affected, various experts and authorities considered the solution insufficient and recommended against the use of Internet Explorer until a better solution is provided.
This time, Microsoft has released an update that fixes the zero-day vulnerability that has created so many problems with the browser. With this, Internet Explorer claims to already be safe and protected against known threats.

The big Chrome update

Chrome will stay on all platforms, and will allow syncing across devices. Google docs for offline use is also launched.

In the future, users can access different computers and mobile devices with the same settings and features of the Google browser. This means that on different computers, tablet PCs or smartphones, not only the bookmarks will be the same, but also the most recent search results pages will be the same for all devices regardless of which system (Windows, Mac, mobile) is running Chrome. Once the user logs in to their Google account, he can access his personalized browser. This is true also for the iPhone and iPad.

One of the features is the the flexible tab bar, which can move at your fingertips. In addition, users can switch easily between the private and normal modes.

Many have also been waiting on Google’s online office suite, Google Docs, to finally be useable¬†without an Internet connection. To date, presentations or text can be edited only if the user is online. Now, users can edit documents anytime, and files will be synced once the device is connected to the Internet.