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Digital survey to detect cyberbullying

Schools can now purchase an application that will serve as a digital survey for students to determine whether some of them are victims or perpetrators of cyber bullying. The application was developed as a thesis of a teacher training at the Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg (PHL).

All forms of cyber bullying are not commonplace via the internet. Schools are enforcing an “anti-bullying policy” asa preventive and reactive response to the situation.

Thomas Van de Weijer of the PHL prepared the digital survey as his thesis for schools to tackle bullying.

“The web application can be used for pupils aged six to twenty years, and can provide a profile of respondents,” he says. “The answers will reveal whether the student bullies, was bullied, or a bystander who is aware of bullying at school. Depending on the profile, additional questions are asked to ascertain the facts.”

There is already great demand for this application.

“The advantage is that it is highly anonymous and can be customized. Some minor adjustments to the test can apply to bullying in organizations or in an industry.”