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EU’s mobile app for passenger rights

EU has set up an app Your Passenger Rights to provide an arbitration service in case of problems of air travelers.

Passengers stranded at an airport or waiting for missing luggage can learn from  a smartphone app of the EU about their rights. The application also provides information about who travelers can complain to.

“The app is in 22 languages and is primarily intended for air and rail travelers,” said the European Commission. By 2013, the app will also be expanded for bus and boat passengers. It operates on four platforms: iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

In Germany, airline passengers will soon get help from an arbitration board for delays or lost baggage problems. For late and canceled flights, or trouble with the luggage, travelers must first contact the airline. When the airline fails to pay damages or does not respond after 30 days, the arbitration board shall take charge in making a settlement proposal.