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One Common Mistake Businesses Are Making in Social Media


socailmediamarketingforbusiness copySocial media is too popular and powerful for businesses to let pass. It is now part of the overall online presence of businesses from the biggest corporations to start-up companies. With over 50 million Facebook pages created as of this year, a business that does not have a Facebook account is certainly poised to lose in the competition. Twitter and LinkedIn are also getting increasing interests both from personal and business users.

It is this interplay of personal and business use that made social media such a huge marketing hit among companies and organizations. These platforms have made it possible for business entities to build a more personal connection with their target market. At the same time, individual users are also responding positively to the avenue of being able to engage with their favorite brands. No doubt, social media marketing is one of the most practical online practical platforms out there. However, what most businesses do not realize is the huge dependence of this marketing platform on strategic content.

Too many businesses have hastily hopped on creating their social media accounts but failed to get the ideal results from such platform. Where did they go wrong? The common social media problem, according to marketing experts, lie on the content management. A dedicated content system is required to make social media work the way it is expected to.

One of the common mistakes that businesses make is not putting enough engaging content on their social media accounts. This is basically wasting the power of Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to personally connect with its users. Posting plain promotional content are known to eventually drive the audience away. To gain and retain followers, a business should take advantage of their social media accounts to create a more human image of the brand. Here are some of the content approaches that have been known to work wonders for popular organizations in social media.

* Sharing related news and incorporating the company’s opinion about it.
* Product photos and teasers
* Trivia and other fun facts related to the business
* Photos of the working staff (if company privacy and security standards permit)
* Real testimonials from customers/clients
* Short, fun, interesting videos
* Discounts, time-bound promos, contests

Timely responses to inquiries sent through social media accounts is also one of the very effective ways of gaining followers – something that many businesses are still not practicing.These are effective ways of reaching out to the target market without appearing to be too desperate. Remember the goal of social media is not merely to create an online presence, but to sustain and make that presence viral.

Utilizing Social Media for Business with Help from Experts




Small business owners often have a hard time establishing their company’s name in the internet marketplace due to the competition. If you are experiencing the same thing you may want to look for effective ways to market your products or services and target the appropriate audiences, and one of these is by using social media to promote your business.


Social media has had a significant impact in the lives of consumers, allowing them to build relationships among friends and family regardless of their locations. As a business owner, using social media for business is just about the same. You must be able to establish a connection between you and your target market in such a way that they become open to your promotions and would be willing to try out your products.


Achieving this, however, is another matter. If you are new to the internet market place you may want to get as much assistance as possible, and this is when a social media expert plays a big role. An expert in social media marketing will be able to provide you with his or her services to help you target your intended market as effectively as possible.


For a small business social media marketing is as important as the usual means of advertising and marketing, perhaps even more so. This is why you have to make sure that the social media expert you plan on working with is equipped with sufficient skills to utilize various techniques that potential customers will be receptive to.

Facebook suspends facial recognition in Europe

Facebook has agreed to suspend its facial recognition tool in the European Union and delete data collected on the profiles of its users, the network announced on Friday.
The Irish commissioner in charge of data protection, Billy Hawkes, said for his part that the data on “existing users would be cleared by October 15,” while the tool had already been suspended for new users. Mr. Hawkes said he was “particularly encouraged” by the decision to Facebook to go beyond the initial recommendations of the authorities.
Facial recognition in Facebook analyzes old photos that were tagged to suggest the names of the people who appear in newly uploaded pictures. Since its launch in 2011, European organizations have been complaining because of the possible breach in privacy and data protection.

Around 83 million Facebook profiles are “fake”

Of the 955 million active Facebook users, 83 million profiles are “fake,” that is duplicate accounts, those made by criminals or accounts for pets.

Facebook announced in its latest market report that over 83 million accounts in the social network are “phantoms.” The company is now making efforts to limit or stop the creation of these accounts.

Unwanted accounts, such as those created to send spam mails, account for 4.8% of all user profiles. Also, pets and other “non-human entities” comprise 2.4% of the Facebook population.

These accounts were found to have been created mostly in “less developed markets such as Indonesia and Turkey.” On the other hand, there are much less ghost profiles in countries like the United States and Australia.

Facebook said that it is continuously looking for ways to improve their ability to detect duplicate and fake accounts. The number of genuine profiles is important with regard to the advertisers.

Facebook blocks users with short names

Facebook users with short names have recently been blocked on the social network, as the social network struggles to deal with fake profiles.

According to the Dutch Facebook spokesperson, Damaris Beems, automatic control checks are performed to determine fake accounts. Upon suspicion of a false name, the account is blocked, and the user is asked for a copy of his or her passport to verify authenticity of the name. Those who refuse will not get their accounts back.

Internet Lawyer Axel Arnbak of the University of Amsterdam recommends against sending a copy of your passport to the U.S. “The privacy policy is very different there, and passport information can be misused.” According Arnbak, Facebook could get more and more data from its users.

Facebook email problem due to technical breakdown

Now, there is even more trouble for the largest social network. Those using the mobile version of Facebook suddenly saw a change from their normal email address to a email address.

The company said on Tuesday that there was a technical error caused by “a bug on some devices,” which had been taken when synchronizing the wrong data. “We are working to resolve this problem and will have it resolved soon.”

The cause of the error is the synchronization of address book contacts, said Facebook. For most of the equipment that was checked, this functioned correctly and the primary email address of users will be accepted. On certain devices, however, there was a mistake and instead, they see a address.

Facebook informed all members that the Facebook email address is part of an attempt to combine the online life of the users on one platform: Facebook.

Facebook quitely removes “stalking app”

Only two days after launch, Facebook stopped a feature that allowed users to search for other users in an area. The option was added in silence, but now it seems just as quietly to be deleted again.

Reports about the feature came from news channel CNN. Facebook does not comment on the decision because it was something that only a few software developers tested. Some of these functions can be retrieved from the site, while others will be deleted after a test phase, said a spokeswoman.

Facebook itself did not publicize the introduction of the Find Friends Nearby feature. The tech blog TechCrunch had earlier this week claimed to speak with someone who had invented the function for Facebook. He simply said it seemed useful to someone you just met.

The function attracted plenty of criticism after its introduction because the issues with privacy. On the blog ReadWriteWeb, the feature was immediately labeled as a stalking app.

Facebook Unveils Own App Store

Facebook follows the footsteps of Apple and Google as it launched its own app store called App Center, starting with 600 apps. This is the latest effort by the company to boost its mobile business.

The Facebook app store is already operational. The social network has explained that the project started with 600 applications and that the service is available for both desktop and mobile devices equipped with iOS and Android operating systems.


The App Center, which was announced last May, is used not only to inform the user of new apps, but also to encourage developers to sell their own applications. Zynga Games, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft are among the first applications available.

“All applications will store images and a detailed description on them so that the user has all the necessary information before installation,” said Matt Wyndowe, Head of Facebook Applications and Games.

Users of this new platform can find their favorite applications through several sections: by contacts (for applications from your friends), by category (in the best qualified, best-selling or trends), or personal recommendations (recommended applications). Once the user selects an application, he will be sent to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.