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Tech geeks & early adopters 92% more likely to be influenced by online advertising

It seems that those who are willing to experiment with an open mind are far more likely to be influenced by advertising and even online ads, than others who approach a ‘wait and watch’ approach.

A recent study (warning! pdf link opening in new page) has revealed that it is those who are willing to adopt and turn to the most recent gadgets and ready to try out cutting-edge technology that are 92 percent more prone to be influenced by online advertising than the normal consumer with a casual and cautious outlook.

The study has thrown up some very interesting aspects regarding how one might want to place online ads and even use sites that provide ‘free ads’ services.

Tech geeks are not just far more likely to be influenced by online ads when it comes to making purchases, but they also seem to largely visit sites and blogs that shed light on latest tech gadgets and gizmos. Early adopters tend to visit technology sites and blogs 46% percent more than the normal audience while surprisingly it is beauty-related sites and religious sites that come next on the list with 30% and 25% more likely visits.

This obviously is going to help advertisers pick and chose the sites they would like to invest in, and place their ads on with a lot more clarity.

The important thing to note though is that the shopping and purchases decisions influenced by online ads are not limited to ‘gadgets and latest gizmos’ alone. In fact, it is clothes that are on top of the pile as this target audience is likely to spend 133% more on clothing than the average internet user and hence there is scope for a variety of companies to influence their choices by placing ads smartly.

While the study shows how ‘early adopters’ hold the key to generating substantial revenue from internet advertising, it also shows how brands can spread their online ad campaigns across a spectrum of sites to ensure they do not miss the most enthusiastic spenders on the internet.