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Samsung has difficulty meeting demand for S3

Samsung Electronics is having difficulty in meeting the strong demand for new the smartphone, Galaxy S3, and this may have cost the South Korean sales of 2 million units in just one month.

For a company that had never experienced the success of Apple in a release, high demand is a good problem, but the production bottleneck could hurt some sales in Europe, and it forced some U.S. carriers to delay deliveries.

The launch came at a good time, since the next iPhone would be released at the end of the year, and competitors like Google and Microsoft seem to have attracted much attention in the market.

“Samsung may have been caught by surprise by the demand. Chances are you have overestimated the competitors,” said Carolina Milanesi, a Gartner analyst. “In other words, beyond the iPhone and the HTC One X, at the moment, there is not much competition in the market, and it certainly may have helped Samsung,” he added.

Analysts believe the lack of Galaxy is only temporary, but has already cost two million unsold units in the second quarter.