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Customers Willing to Pay for Online Stream of HBO’s Game of Thrones

The U.S. cable channel Home Box Office (HBO) is famous for its costly production and critically acclaimed television series. It is also notorious for being reluctant to sell their series over the Internet. Now, fans of these films – particularly Game of Thrones – have launched a campaign to change that.
“Take My Money, HBO” is a website that tells HBO that customers would like to give them money in order to watch their films.The fact is that HBO’s series are the frequently illegaly distributed, including in the Internet. Because of their popularity and that it often takes several months before official DVDs are sold, illegal recordings of the broadcasts are exchanged. A current example is the series Game of Thrones, which is currently the most pirated TV show with up to 2.5 million downloads everyday.

It is stated on the petition site: “We pirate Game of Thrones, we use our friend’s HBOGO login to watch True Blood HBO… Please, offer a standalone streaming service HBOGO and Take My Money!”HBOGO is the streaming service of HBO. For the past two years, it offers the chance to stream films, but only for customers who also have a regular subscription of the cable system, which costs roughly $70-120 per month.