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Can you run the new Google Maps in any device?

There are new features – including 3D views – in Google Maps, but many users are now wondering whether this will be supported by all devices.

On Wednesday, Google announced that the new version of Google Maps will be available offline for smartphones. This is in order to avoid the high fees, especially when the user relies on data browsing while abroad. And you won’t have to open any mobile websites to download your map beforehand so that you can use it at a later time when you need it.

In what devices this will this be possible, however, is still unclear. Now, the website Engadget says that smartphones can download the Android Version 2.2 (“Froyo”) to access the offline maps. This was confirmed by Google. Whether this will be possible with other operating systems like Apple’s iOS is not yet known.

Also unclear is what software and hardware equipment of a smartphone is required to use the new 3D views in the mobile version of Google Earth.