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Celebrity name search results lead to virus-laden sites

Anyone googling the names of prominent superstars run the risk of catching a virus, according to IT security company McAfee.

Every year, the company publishes a list of the most popular celebrity name searches that may lead to websites with viruses. This year, in the first place is Harry Potter star Emma Watson. 12.6% of pages from search results are loaded with viruses. Watson is followed by Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez and Halle Berry.

To prevent virus attacks, McAfee advises users to always check the URL for typos, and to be careful with free downloads in general.

Google filters websites based on copyright complaints

Google has announced that they are modifying the algorithms of its popular Internet search engine to prevent the appearance of web pages linked to contents that infringe copyright.

The updated search engine will take effect next week. Search results will generate lists that give priority to sites that offer legitimate products against those which have pirated contents. To do this, Google will consider the number of complaints received concerning copyright violations.

According to Vice President of Engineering at Google, Amit Singhal, the company received in the last 30 days piracy alerts related to more than 4.3 million URLs. “From now on we will use these data as an indicator in our rankings,” Singhal said. He added, however, that Google will not remove any pages from the website unless it receives a complaint from the owner of the rights to the pirated content.

Google’s social network is growing rapidly

The Internet giant’s social network could easily reach 400 million users by the end of 2012 if it continues to grow as usual, according to analyst Paul Allen. From his estimate, 12  million users will begin using Google+ in October and November, meaning 625 000 new accounts made each day.

Google confirmed that in the first three weeks since its launch, the network recorded at least ten million users, including people like the Dalai Lama or the star of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, indicating a high level of penetration in Asia.

The numerous possibilities for integration of services and platforms, according to the expert, are linked to the success of the social network.

While not all Google services have the same level of penetration, Android currently leads the sales of smartphones with 700 000 new mobile devices activating it daily.

Google has made four attempts to develop a social network but has not achieved the level of acceptance of Facebook. Orkut, the first, was launched in 2004, but succeeded only in few countries like Brazil and India. In 2009 and 2010, they launched Wave and Buzz,. These two social services remain on the web despite never reaching the expected impact. Finally, on June 2011, Google+ was launched.

Google Street View’s new data breach

Google has not deleted all the data collected by the Street View vehicles. It is not the first time that the company violated privacy rules.

The U.S. company admitted in May 2010 that the camera cars in 30 countries have also inadvertently saved data from unsecured wireless networks. Google promised then to delete all the data. However, some data were found to still be in the records when searched by the UK data protection authority ICO.

There are concerns with Google’s failure to comply to the promise of deleting the data immediately. The countries involved include Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.

The camera cars made recordings for Google Street View. In 2008-2010, information from unencrypted wireless networks were also taken by the company. This was made possible by a software created by a Google employee, according to investigations by US telecom FCC. Google denies that the data were released commercially.

Google dedicates doodle to the Olympics

Whether it’s the Sesame Street’s anniversary or John Lennon’s birthday, Google creates variations of its logo on special occassions. The latest creation was dedicated to the Olympic Games in London which started on Friday.

Since 1998, Google has been entertaining Internet users by creating variations of their logo. Instead of the traditional lettering, they present what they call “doodles” for special occasions, which may be birthdays of famous artists, special events or holidays. The doodles often link to websites related to the occasion.

On Friday, the Google website featured an athletic theme to honor the Olympic Games in London. The icon links to the search term “London 2012 Opening Ceremony.” There are no special features, but it is well-designed, as always.

The big Chrome update

Chrome will stay on all platforms, and will allow syncing across devices. Google docs for offline use is also launched.

In the future, users can access different computers and mobile devices with the same settings and features of the Google browser. This means that on different computers, tablet PCs or smartphones, not only the bookmarks will be the same, but also the most recent search results pages will be the same for all devices regardless of which system (Windows, Mac, mobile) is running Chrome. Once the user logs in to their Google account, he can access his personalized browser. This is true also for the iPhone and iPad.

One of the features is the the flexible tab bar, which can move at your fingertips. In addition, users can switch easily between the private and normal modes.

Many have also been waiting on Google’s online office suite, Google Docs, to finally be useable without an Internet connection. To date, presentations or text can be edited only if the user is online. Now, users can edit documents anytime, and files will be synced once the device is connected to the Internet.