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The adventures of Canon 1100D


Your first DSLR is an incredibly important choice. I’ve personally experienced the qualities of Canon 1100D. It is the new entry level model in Canon’s extensive range of digital SLR cameras, replacing the 3 year old 1000D model. Wide area 9 Point AF system makes this more value able. 12.2 megapixel CMOS, Amazing HD movies, Powerful DIGIC processing and 3 frames per second.

Despite its budget price-tag, the Canon EOS 1100D / Rebel T3 is a responsive and intuitive DSLR that offers many of the key features of its bigger and more expensive sibling, the 600D / T3i, in a smaller and lighter body.

I have been using 1100D since 2 years and i found it diffrent from others. Its easy to carry because of its firm grip.  I like taking pictures just for the sake of sharing and keeping those memories with me.

One thing which i liked he most is the maximum light sensitivity which controls the light and makes the image more sharper and more focused. I have saw many peoples using Nikon D3100 and comparing it with Canon 1100D but i would personally prefer 1100d just because of its amazing features.

So this camera has been claimed to be the best starter SLR for those who are venturing into photography, and I can see why. Despite it looking a little “beasty”, it’s quite easy to use and the settings of this camera are easy to get used to.

Canon has a strong position in all price sectors and has long enjoyed strong success at the budget end, where it has a long history of making easy to use, well-specified, value for money DSLRs. Besides, if anything I learned that it’s not about the camera but having an ‘eye’ for photography. Photography is my passion because yes we don’t simply take photographs but we make it!