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Barrack Obama surpasses Justin Bieber’s Klout influence

Until recently, Justin Bieber was more influential than Barack Obama – at least in the world of Klout, the controversial web tool that aims to measure the influence of people online.

On Tuesday, Klout revamped its site and rearranged their algorithms, mainly picking up data entries in Wikipedia, to better reflect the status of a person in the real world.

The movement towards the calculation of the influence off-line is a tricky step, but expected for a company that generates and divides opinion like almost no other in Silicon Valley.

Since 2008, the company marked social media users with a single number between 1 and 100 in order to measure their influence. The Klout score, as is known, is now based on 400 variables, including how many Twitter followers someone has, and how often or how likely your messages on Twitter or Facebook will be circulated.

Besides changing the algorithm, the chief executive, Joe Fernandez said the Klout now also analyzes LinkedIn profiles, so that a user who describes himself as vice president of a company can enhance their Klout score.

The overhaul, which began in January, was part of the company’s effort to address the critics who pointed Bieber as an example showing that his online influence, at best, is irrelevant. The teen pop singer, with his army of 26 million followers on Twitter, had a Klout score that surpassed that of the U.S. president.

As a result of the new algorithm – which takes into account the number of references in a Wikipedia page about the person, the scores of Obama finally surpassed that of Bieber, four years after the release of Klout.