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More than $200M invested in Kickstarter

Financing website, Kickstarter, delivered more than $219 million worth of projects from participating entrepreneurs and artists since the establishment of the service, according to the statistics the company published on Friday.

Through Kickstarter, people with an idea for an art project or product get donations from interested sponsors. In return, the ‘investors’ get something back, often a copy of the created work.

According to the statistics released, 25,020 projects were successfully funded. Just over half of the projects are not successful. Music Projects – such as financing shots – received the most hits. In total, 7,388 music-Kickstarters were fully financed. Relatively speaking, however, the dance-Kickstarters are the most successful, since 69% of these projects achieve their goal.

There have been 7 projects involving more than $1 million. Film & Video is the category where the most money is raised, with investments reaching $58.91 million.