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Multi-functional Smart Cover coming soon?

Apple has applied for a patent in which the Smart Cover for the iPad is a flexible and bendable display. The cover would thus be an extension of the work surface.

In the drawings, you can see how the new shell is used along with the iPad similar to how pen tablets work. This is different, however, in that the surface you draw on is also a screen. The cover can also be used as a keyboard or an additional control for music and movies.

Other manufacturers, such as Microsoft, have also been working on the functional ability of tablet cases. Thus, the shell of the Microsoft Surface tablets are also used as a keyboard.

The patent application indicates that Apple is obviously hard on a multi-functional Smart Cover. Although it is not sure whether the company will actually create the product for the market.

Rumors spreading on iPad Mini

Various sources have been adding to the rumors of an iPad Mini to be released in the coming months. The tablet is rumored to be less than 8 inches, and potentially with a retina display.

The rumor of having an iPad Mini began since the release of the first iPad. Now, it seems several sources support this view. According to MarketWatch, component suppliers for Apple would be in battle for a full production of a tablet smaller than the iPad for September. They also cited two unnamed sources, saying that the next Apple device will be equipped with a screen that is less than 8 inches (the old model is 9.7 inches).

Bloomberg, who relies on another source, added that there could be a Retina display, capable of displaying very high resolutions like in the recently released MacBook Pro model.