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Kickstarter hides failed projects

Crowdfunding service Kickstarter reportedly hides unsuccessful projects from search engine sites. Meanwhile, there are sites which make these accessible again in order for new users to learn from others’ mistakes.

Technology journalist Dan Misener discovered in May that under-funded projects can still be found on the internal search on Kickstarter. However, they no longer appear in search engines. Critics of the crowdfunding site argued that the company tries to portray itself in a positive light for new users.

Kickstarter co-founder Yancey Strickler said they only wanted to avoid a situation in which the names of failed project owners will be prominently shown in Google. They are trying to protect their users, so to speak.

To date, there have been many success stories made possible by Kickstarter, but there are no exact figures to document this. Blogger Jeanne Pi but wanted to know more. An investigation revealed that only about half of the projects posted receive the required funds. The other half quickly disappears from the page. However, Pi’s analysis is criticized, and there remains to be unclear data on how many Kickstarter projects really end up successful.