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One Common Mistake Businesses Are Making in Social Media


socailmediamarketingforbusiness copySocial media is too popular and powerful for businesses to let pass. It is now part of the overall online presence of businesses from the biggest corporations to start-up companies. With over 50 million Facebook pages created as of this year, a business that does not have a Facebook account is certainly poised to lose in the competition. Twitter and LinkedIn are also getting increasing interests both from personal and business users.

It is this interplay of personal and business use that made social media such a huge marketing hit among companies and organizations. These platforms have made it possible for business entities to build a more personal connection with their target market. At the same time, individual users are also responding positively to the avenue of being able to engage with their favorite brands. No doubt, social media marketing is one of the most practical online practical platforms out there. However, what most businesses do not realize is the huge dependence of this marketing platform on strategic content.

Too many businesses have hastily hopped on creating their social media accounts but failed to get the ideal results from such platform. Where did they go wrong? The common social media problem, according to marketing experts, lie on the content management. A dedicated content system is required to make social media work the way it is expected to.

One of the common mistakes that businesses make is not putting enough engaging content on their social media accounts. This is basically wasting the power of Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to personally connect with its users. Posting plain promotional content are known to eventually drive the audience away. To gain and retain followers, a business should take advantage of their social media accounts to create a more human image of the brand. Here are some of the content approaches that have been known to work wonders for popular organizations in social media.

* Sharing related news and incorporating the company’s opinion about it.
* Product photos and teasers
* Trivia and other fun facts related to the business
* Photos of the working staff (if company privacy and security standards permit)
* Real testimonials from customers/clients
* Short, fun, interesting videos
* Discounts, time-bound promos, contests

Timely responses to inquiries sent through social media accounts is also one of the very effective ways of gaining followers – something that many businesses are still not practicing.These are effective ways of reaching out to the target market without appearing to be too desperate. Remember the goal of social media is not merely to create an online presence, but to sustain and make that presence viral.

LinkedIn sued for $5M for data leak

A resident of the State of Illinois has filed a $5 million dollar case against LinkedIn, saying that social networking website has violated promises to consumers by failing to have a better security policy when more than 6 million customer passwords were stolen.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Jose, California on June 15, less than two weeks after the stolen passwords appeared on websites frequented by hackers.

The case was registered against the LinkedIn was filed by a user of the website, Katie Szpyrka from Illinois. In legal documents, lawyer Edelson McGuire said that LinkedIn  “misled customers” to have a security policy “in clear contradiction to the accepted standards of the market for database security.”

A spokeswoman Erin LinkedIn O’Harra said the lawsuit has no merit and was produced by “lawyers who are trying to take advantage of the situation.”

Stolen Passwords from LinkedIn Surfaced on the Web

Not even a days passed after the attack when it was found out that passwords were stolen from the online professional network LinkedIn. The company announced in a blog entry that affected users would be informed by e-mail, and that their old passwords have been disabled.

According to media reports, nearly 6.5 million passwords turned up on a Russian website. These were reportedly “hashed” – that is, obscured by an algorithm. There is no real encryption, so that they can be recovered with little effort.

LinkedIn operators had to justify themselves after experts discovered that the network’s smart phone app uploaded user information on an unsafe server. “This will not happen again in future,” announced LinkedIn.

The online network that is used primarily for business contact has a total of more than 150 million members.