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Rest the Vaio Pro 13 on your lap


What pops up in your mind when I say “ultra-portable laptops?” MacBook Air? Even after five years? It seems as if you have not yet laid hands on the enchanting, alluring and the feather-weighted touch-capable laptop launched recently by Sony, the Sony Vaio Pro 13. Sleek, sexy, charismatic gadget it is. Style and grace appears to trickle in form each of the four sharp edges. Packed inside is the latest of technology; – the dual-core 1.8GHz Core i7-4500U – with 4GB of DDR3L low-voltage RAM and a 128GB SSD.

This dazzling piece of premium technology has been conceived with utmost carefulness, precision and forethought.  Its exactitude has enabled Vaio Pro 13 to slaughter the five-year-victor of ultra-portable laptops – MacBook Air. Pro 13 present lighter weight, flaunting design, the gentle touch, carbon-fiber body instead of aluminum, competitive price, long battery life and a very speedy speed.  In your lap very buoyant yet well-balanced it feels. The design is very innovative and not the tiniest detail has been impersonated from the former champ MacBook Air.

The display is remarkable. Sony has incorporated the TRILUMINOS DISPLAY tech from the Bravia television.  Undoubtedly, it is one striking feature witnessed in recent times. Brightness reaches up to 345cd/m2 with contrast ratio of 932:1. Viewing angles are wide and color accuracy is very good.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 incorporates NFC too.  A Wi-Fi router is also integrated. Along with the 7 hours long battery, extra battery can also be slotted in.en-INTL_L_Sony_VAIO_Pro_13in_Touch_Ult_Blk_CWF-01268_mnco

This cost-effective ultrabook is equipped with all necessary features required for both work and entertainment. It is the perfect choice for business travelers who necessitate lighter yet powerful tools for themselves.