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Apple unveils new MacBook Pro

The end of the first evening of the WWDC developer conference was a well-rehearsed ritual: Just before the Apple CEO took the stage, countless developers pushed into the Moscone Center in San Francisco and exchanged views on the latest rumors. Meanwhile, the Apple Store on the Internet was taken offline in order to make room for the products that Apple CEO Tim Cook presented on stage. The Apple fans at home had to be content with live blogs, because Apple did not provide a live stream for the folks back at home.

Big surprises followed then as Apple presented a completely refurbished notebook series, the new mobile operating system (iOS 6), a new version of the desktop operating system (Mac OS X, also known as Mountain Lion), among others. However, those who expected news about Apple’s long-awaited entry into the television business were disappointed.

The new MacBook Pro is “the most beautiful computer we’ve ever done” according to Apple Manager Phil Schiller. With less than two inches thick, the device has a completely new interior with new Intel processors, and twice as fast solid-state hard drive. The highlight, however, is the retina display with a resolution of 2880×1800. That’s more than five million pixel pushing on the screen!

Such performance and design at Apple in particular have a price: The basic version of the MacBook Pro will cost €2279 in Germany.

The new hardware also gets new software. Mountain Lion is scheduled to be released this month.