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Micron Pop Video, HD Video Projector for iPhones and iPods

Micron Technology has just added the Pop Video to its portfolio of offerings. The Micron Pop Video is a pico projector designed for the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Micron, a company known for manufacturing of flash memory, their new projector delivers dock connector of 30 pins that will turn your iPod touch or iPhone into a portable projector and share videos, photos and other content with friends.

As a projector, the Micron Pop Video is based on LCoS technology and a f ource LED light and is capable of projecting a video resolution of 960 x 540 QHD.

The Micron Pop Video allows duplication of iPod touch or iPhone, so you can project videos on iTunes, browse the Internet, Facebook, YouTube, and more on the wall through the free Pop Video. This projector for the iPhone has a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers up to 2 hours of continuous use.

The price of Micron’s Pop Video is so only 76 euros.