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Play Gameboy Games in your Computer

Save princesses, fight mad scientists, and stop winding blocks stacked one above the other. The portable game console from Nintendo, Game Boy, was in the the favorite pastime of many children in the 90s. The game titles are still known today, including classics such as Donkey Kong, Tetris, Super Mario and Zelda. Many heroes are still active, with some appearing in new games.

But the real feeling of yesteryear comes to graphics and bitmaps with the typical sound. If you want to play Mario and Donkey Kong again, there are websites like that offer free Gameboy emulators that runs completely in the browser. This particular website has around 80 games to choose from.
Users need not install any software since the games run with JavaScript and HTML5. Every modern browser is enough, even if the sound output stutters every now and then. Games are controlled using the keyboard, though you can get a gamepad for a real console-playing feel.