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Around 83 million Facebook profiles are “fake”

Of the 955 million active Facebook users, 83 million profiles are “fake,” that is duplicate accounts, those made by criminals or accounts for pets.

Facebook announced in its latest market report that over 83 million accounts in the social network are “phantoms.” The company is now making efforts to limit or stop the creation of these accounts.

Unwanted accounts, such as those created to send spam mails, account for 4.8% of all user profiles. Also, pets and other “non-human entities” comprise 2.4% of the Facebook population.

These accounts were found to have been created mostly in “less developed markets such as Indonesia and Turkey.” On the other hand, there are much less ghost profiles in countries like the United States and Australia.

Facebook said that it is continuously looking for ways to improve their ability to detect duplicate and fake accounts. The number of genuine profiles is important with regard to the advertisers.