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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

SAMSUNG NOTE 3, the new big thing!

The latest phone in the company’s series is the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Picking up where its predecessor left off, it comes with an S Pen stylus that is now more functional than ever. But that’s far from all. In fact, Samsung’s newest Note handset lands right into the high-end Smartphone department, packing hardware that will easily get any tech geek excited. That includes a massive, 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display, a last-generation quad- or octa-core processor, and a 13MP camera, all of that complemented by software fatures and stylus functionality found on no other handset.

So yeah, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is shaping up as a beast of a Smartphone, ranking among the best and on the top of the list that have been announced so far. And now is the time to find out whether it has what it takes to become as successful as its predecessors.

Samsung did mostly what was expected of it with the design of the Note 3, and it did it well, making the phone thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Even though the new model comes with a 5.7-inch screen – 0.2 inches larger in diagonal size than the display on last year’s Note II

We were surprised to see Samsung taking a different approach to designing the exterior of the phone. The company has picked a faux leather back with stitching elements, meant to prompt the impression of a venerable notebook. Although the back of the Galaxy Note 3 is actually made of plastic, it looks fancy and sophisticated, while the soft touch finish does remind us of real leather as we run our fingers across its surface. As usual, Samsung has opted for a removable back cover, underneath which we find the user-replaceable battery, as well as the SIM.

The display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has grown a bit from what the second-gen Note had to offer. The front of the new model is great, its graced by a gorgeous, 5.7-inch display, and it’s a Full HD affair now.

Lastly Samsung has not forgotten to add some extra sensitivity to the touch screen on the Note 3, thus making it usable even while the user is wearing gloves. Interestingly, the panel’s sensitivity is adjusted automatically, meaning that there’s no need for the user to set it manually.


US Court prohibits sale of Galaxy Nexus

In the dispute over patents for tablet computers and smartphones, the South Korean electronics giant Samsung has suffered another defeat. A U.S. district court with an injunction forbid the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus in the United States. In support led to the judge, Samsung probably have copied parts of Apple’s voice control system, Siri. Siri is a new feature of the iPhone 4S, which allows the phone to be controlled almost entirely by voice.

Currently, there is an imposed ban on the sale of the smartphone in the United States. The same court on Tuesday had an injunction prohibiting the sale of the Tablet PC Galaxy Tab 10.1. It took the decision, “Notes that Samsung has changed its design of its products to look more like those of Apple.” Apple had already filed an action against Samsung in Germany and accused the group to have copied with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the iPad. Samsung, meanwhile, brought out a specially modified version of the tablet for the German market.

Samsung has difficulty meeting demand for S3

Samsung Electronics is having difficulty in meeting the strong demand for new the smartphone, Galaxy S3, and this may have cost the South Korean sales of 2 million units in just one month.

For a company that had never experienced the success of Apple in a release, high demand is a good problem, but the production bottleneck could hurt some sales in Europe, and it forced some U.S. carriers to delay deliveries.

The launch came at a good time, since the next iPhone would be released at the end of the year, and competitors like Google and Microsoft seem to have attracted much attention in the market.

“Samsung may have been caught by surprise by the demand. Chances are you have overestimated the competitors,” said Carolina Milanesi, a Gartner analyst. “In other words, beyond the iPhone and the HTC One X, at the moment, there is not much competition in the market, and it certainly may have helped Samsung,” he added.

Analysts believe the lack of Galaxy is only temporary, but has already cost two million unsold units in the second quarter.