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An App to Detect Landmines

A team of Polish students have developed an application for smartphones that can be used to detect landmines. Saper, which stands for Sensor Amplified Perception For Explosives Recognition, was developed by students of the Military Technological University of Warsaw. It uses the magnetometer, an internal compass in the smartphone, to detect variations in the magnetic field around an area with mines.

The smartphone is calibrated in a particular environment and held about a foot above the ground. If mines are detected, it gives a warning. But the app does more than that: a warning to the program compares the magnetic drawing to a database on the Internet. Using GPS, the detected area is recored in a database, and if necessary, even shared through social networks.

Saper is one of the finalists in the annual Imagine game from Microsoft. The theme this year was a challenge to invent a technological solution to major global issues such those concerning health and environmental protection. The program currently only works on Windows phones, but the students hope it will soon be available for other platforms.