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US Government Shutdown

The US government shutdown Monday night, due to the clash on a decision between the Republicans, The House representatives and the Democrats, The Senate controllers.

The shutdown is of non-essential services, which will effect hundreds of thousands of worker, and will equally devastate the US economy, as estimated by analysts at IHS Global Insight.
The background tells that the US financial year ends on 30th September, so was this year. The federal government have failed to finalized a budget for the 2013-2014 financial year.

According to US constitution, the President cannot unilaterally bring in legislation. The Obama’s Affordable Care Act had to be agreed upon by the both authorities. Despite the weeks of arguments, the House representatives turned it down, while it is equally supported by the democrats.The argument began on Monday when senators refused to accept Obamacare and tried to use the budget as leverage to jemmy changes to the act.They tried to settle the argument till mid night, but the issue was left on the table undecided.

A same kind of shut down took place in 1996 in Clintons’ era. In total US government has faced 17 shutdowns, the last one lasted about 28 days. Let’s see how far this one will go. A meeting to scrutinize the decision is called on Wednesday in DC, the House proposed that the act should be revised by a neutral or ‘bipartisan committee’, to find a way forward to refuse the Act. Contrarily the senators rejection of this proposal is expected. Fingers crossed. Washington DC: US government ShutdownOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA