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Up till now, Canon has produced some of the most exceptional DSLR cameras of the present time. Canon owns such numerous number of pro and semi pro models that it had to slit its models in two sections – enthusiasts and professionals. Canon’s pride is Canon EOS 6D, which is the smallest and lightest full frame camera with fixed LCD and without a built in flash. It is the world’s second best DSLR regardless of price. Canon 6D belongs to the enthusiasts section of Canon’s DSLRs. It is a sharp shooter having 20.2 MP full frame sensor. Canon has added a couple of innovative features including GPRS and built in Wi-Fi so it is really easy to just tag picture where ever you are. The most incredible and amazing feature of this EOS 6D is that it manages sharp contrast and transitions very well. It shoots full HD video at a maximum of 30fps.the video quality is fantastic and spotless. It has an extended ISO range and lower light capable auto focus. Its weight is around 680 g only and continuous shooting speed is 4.5fbs. The control layout is virtually identical the on/off switch is in upper left side. On the right side is the LCD showing the camera’s set parameters including exposure, metering mode, ISO setting, focus mode, drive mode, remaining card capacity, battery status and GPRS and Wi-Fi status. On the right side of the camera is the single SD card slot. The AF system is less sophisticated, the controller interface is simpler.