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Will Apple Succeed Yet Another Time?

iWatch graphic

After iPad, iPhone, iPod and all those forever-loved pieces of technology, Apple has again traumatized the gadget market with the upcoming sensational iWatch. Telling time will become considerably smarter with this premium iWatch. For now, Apple has only leaked out some videos and features of this iWatch. This innovative iWatch will not be just any other typical and ordinary wrist watch, but more like a wearable minicomputer installed with an entire OS system.

Well, it is not the first wrist device that we are hearing or writing about; other electronic companies have also been experimenting in this field. We have already seen some very precise and advanced e-watches; among them are the Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and also Sony’s SmartWatch. What we all are waiting for is a complete innovation from Apple’s side.

Apple opted for a modern approach to this iWatch to match the caliber of their previous products like iMac and iPhone. iWatch is not even a fetus at this moment, what they have released is a prototype. Their team of designers, inventors and engineers, headed by Sir Jony Ive, has sat down in closed doors and open mind to come up with something no one has ever produced. We do not have much specs for the iWatch to share right now, but what has been told is that the screen will be somewhere between 1.5-1.8 inches. Another supreme feature of this forthcoming is that it will support all sorts of Bluetooth devices – share anything you want via your wrist watch! Simply WOW!

Let’s wait for some high-quality thingy and hope that Apple will preserve its competence.