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“Metro” label causes confusion

Metro, Metro Interface, and Metro Applications are now common terms to those who have started to use Windows 8. Recently, however, Microsoft has decided to use “Modern UI” to refer to its design for the user interface, causing confusion among users and developers.

There is news spreading that the decision to change labels came after a dispute with a German company, Metro AG, who has trademarked “Metro.”

From the beginning it was thought that Microsoft would use the new name to identify the new graphics and interface design courses with Windows 8. There is no official confirmation, but it is clear that any reference to Metro will be replaced with a generic reference to Windows 8.

Final Tests for Windows 8

Microsoft has provided the latest pre-release version of Windows 8 for download. The following stage is the “RTM” or “Release to Manufacturing”), which is the approval for production of the installation media.
The Preview Release includes hundreds of visible changes, Internet Explorer 10, new apps that connect to Hotmail, the cloud storage service Skydrive, Messenger and other Microsoft services. There are also many new apps from other developers in the Windows store.The new features include better multi-monitor support and new security features. Internet Explorer 10 contains a preview of optimized low-power version of Adobe’s Flash Player. In addition, Microsoft has the function of Do-Not-Track (DNT) enabled by default. This tells the website that the user does not want to be tracked via tracking cookies.

Microsoft deliberately avoids the term “Release Candidate” because they are still expecting changes to Windows 8. This is unusual for a classical Release Candidate since this usually corresponds to the final version, and it is only changed when severe errors occur. The quality of Windows 8 has to be much better than the completed Windows 7, said Microsoft’s Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky in a blog entry.

Until it is completed, Microsoft intends to get more reviews and feedback from users. Microsoft also uses the Windows 8 Release Preview telemetry data to determine how the new system is being used by the test users. In addition, Microsoft views crash reports. The interaction with devices and drivers should be tested extensively with the Release Preview, such as the installation of drivers which can be recorded with the special installation programs of the manufacturers. With the use of the compatibility mode, Microsoft also intends to actively monitor the testing in order to determine if there are problems with software written for Windows 7.